Online Prescription Assessment


2. What is your biological sex?

We are sorry but this product can not be issued for the chosen gender.

3. What is your date of birth?

4. What is your height in centimeters?

5. What is your weight in kilograms?

6. Do you smoke or drink?

Drinking and smoking can reduce the effect of the medicine

7. Are you allergic to any substances, any medicine or food products?

8. What was your last blood pressure?

This medicine is not recommended for you
This medicine may be unsuitable if you don’t take the regular hypertension medicine

9. Are you pregnant or breast feeding at the moment?

10. Do you have any serious heart, kidney or liver diseases?

Sorry,we cannot issue this medicine, please contact your physical doctor

11. Which country are you travelling or did you travel in the past 1 week?

12. Have you taken antimalarial before?

13. Do you currently have any depression disorder or immunological disorder?

We are sorry, but we cannot issue the medication, please visit your local doctor

14. Are you under any medical treatment or did you recently finished any course of medicine?

15. Do you want to provide any additional information to the doctor?

16. Would you like us to inform your GP about this order?

17. Do you agree for the following:

We are sorry, but we cannot issue the medication