How it works

You can easily order your medication for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, hair loss, and malaria prophylaxis at ED Treated, and get your medication delivered at your doorstep within 24-48 hours. You just need to fill a questionnaire and get an electronic prescription from our licensed doctors. This prescription is then sent to a mail-order pharmacy that delivers your medication at your doorstep.

1. Select a treatment online:

In order to select an online treatment at ED Treated, you need to visit our website on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. You select your desired treatment on our website and click “Continue”. You will be then redirected to a section requiring you to enter your email address and a password to get access to our site. You don’t need to fill the form in the future when ordering a medication.

2. Fill out a short questionnaire:

After you select the treatment, you will be asked to fill a short questionnaire including questions related to your medical problem or about the medications that you are already taking.

Please add answers to all questions accordingly, so that the doctor can make a proper diagnosis.

The questionnaire is then reviewed by our licensed doctors, to make sure that the potency of medication that you have ordered is appropriate, to avoid any drug-drug interactions, and also to make sure that you have ordered the right medication. Our doctors may also ask you to visit a doctor if they find it more preferable. You will be then redirected to a page where you will select the desired medication, its dosage, and quantity amongst the medications suggested by our doctor. You will be then redirected to our payment page where you will have to select the payment method and pay the required charges.

After that, our doctor will issue the prescription and send it to the mail-order pharmacy


The prescription at the mail-order pharmacy is double-checked by our pharmacists.If everything is found to be exactly the same as order, medication will be dispatched in discreet packaging through reliable courier sevices. You will receive your medication within 24-48 hours at your doorstep

3 Quick & Easy Steps to Place Order

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