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ED Treated was formed by Pharmacy Professionals and Businessmen who have years of experience working in the Public and Private sector. The ED Treated Team has worked endlessly to make a difference in the general community offering a wide range of services. At ED Treated, we aim to provide a simple, transparent, professional, and cost-effective online healthcare solution to our customers within the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. Our Vision is to be able to provide a online solution to all your personal health issues, travel health issues needs without you having to queue up in Pharmacies or visit the Dr's Surgery. ED Treated will allow you to place your Medication order online and get these delivered to your doorstep efficiently and discreetly. Simply order online, answer a few questions for assessing what medication is best suited for you, your prescriptions shall be issued by a Prescriber / Eu Qualified Dr. who will then send your prescription to a chosen Pharmacy to dispatch your medication. Receive your medication at the ease of your home within 24-48 hours in a discreet package.

ED Treated asks from you to complete a simple questionnaire in order for us to take every precaution before we prescribe any medication, the type of medication and the dosage to all our customers. Your Health and Wellbeing is our number one priority and therefore all assessment is done prior to authorising and sending out any medication. ED Treated is registered with the relevant UK regulatory bodies (MHRA) (ICO) , and ensure all legal and client care obligations to our customers are met. We maintain anonymity on all our packaging which ensures that any medication dispatched shall be done so in discreet packaging, not highlighting the inside content. Throughout your dealings with us, we promise and ensure to keep all your details, strictly private & confidential.

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